Mining Nested Hashes in Sinatra

I've been tinkering with Sinatra (a framework on Ruby) lately, but was having trouble figuring out how to get information out of a huge nested hash. So I tweeted the below to my accidental mentor, Al Shaw, of Talking Points Memo:

@A_L Say @foo={"people"=>{ "nabe"=>"dumbo", "kids"=>[{"name"=>"ann", "age"=>"8"}, {"name"=>"joe", "age"=>"10"}]} How do I return "joe"?

He replied that my example was missing a } (yup) and that the answer was:

@foo = {"people"=>{"nabe"=>"dumbo", "kids"=>[{"name"=>"ann", "age"=>"8"}, {"name"=>"joe", "age"=>"10"}]}}

["people"]["kids"][1]["name"]  #=>  "joe"

Now I get it!